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Perianesthesia Nursing

This is a master’s level course intended to nurture perianesthesia nurses who are certified (in-hospital certification at St. Luke’s International Hospital) to perform anesthesia-related tasks as a nurse under the supervision of an anesthetist. Anesthesia is a general acute-phase branch of medicine and includes a wide range of medical care, also outside the operating room, like assessment and preparation of patients before surgery, postoperative pain as well as respiratory and circulatory management, tests and procedures under sedation, epidural anesthesia during labor, pain-relief care, and resuscitation and other issues involved in patient safety and crisis care. Students study clinical anatomy and physiology, which form the basis of systemic assessment and acute patient management, pathophysiology and clinical pharmacology. Studies also involve the use of high-performance biosimulators, etc., to practice resuscitation and clinical anesthesia, and clinical experience under the guidance of an anesthetist at anesthesiology outpatients and with actual cases of surgery in the operating room. Students learn the anesthetist’s perspective of viewing patients, as well as the role of the perianesthesia nurse. Each student works on a research project on actual clinical problems and concerns that nurses experience, with which they can continue in a clinical position after graduation. Students are trained to obtain the best necessary academic background and skills to support patients during all phases of anesthesia (before, during and after surgery) to secure their safety and peace of mind. Therefore, to understand the physical reaction of people to anesthetics and surgery, subjects like physiology, invasive biology and psychology are included in the curriculum, and students undergo a wide variety of practical training to optimize their ability to clinically apply their theoretical knowledge. Many kinds of medical processes are involved in Perianesthesia Nursing, and since perianesthesia nurses work under the direct supervision of anesthesiologists, lectures are given by certified supervising anesthetists. Nurses should however never lose touch with their nursing perspective, and therefore they are also continuously coached in other nursing fields too.

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