Non-degree Students and Audit Students

St. Luke's International University GSPH accepts non-degree students and audit students who wish to take specific courses without pursuing a degree.
Usually we accept the applications in late February (for Spring courses) and early July (for Fall courses).

Non-degree Students

Like degree program students, non-degree students are evaluated based on assignments and examinations, and can earn credits if they pass the examinations.

This is suitable for such as those who would like to enter the graduate school but are unsure if they will be able to keep up with the classes, who would like to obtain some of the credits required for completion of the degree program before enrolling so that they can maintain good work/study/life balance while in school, and who would like to obtain a completion certificate of specific course contents.

If you enroll in St. Luke's MPH program after earning credits as a non-degree student in the professional degree program, you can apply for approval of credits required for completion of the program (up to 10 credits). Please note that if more than three years have passed since the credits were earned, the faculty member in charge of the course of the same title will decide whether the credits are recognized or not.

Audit Students

Students attend classes together with degree program students, but there are no assignments or examinations, and no credits are earned.

This is suitable for people who would like to attend lectures by experts on topics of interest to them, or who would like to experience the atmosphere of a class at St. Luke’s GSPH.