Division of Biomedical Sciences

Due to the unique positioning of the SLGSPH as an affiliate institution of St. Luke's International Hospital, students are strongly encouraged to apply public health knowledge into clinical practice and to carry out translational research. The Division of Biomedical Sciences comprises clinical faculty that are actively engaged in high profile translational research and population-level interventions.

Courses Offered by Division Faculty

Immunology in Public Health

The immune system is involved in the development of various diseases and effects treatment, not only in infections, but also autoimmune disorder, allergy, cancer, and a broad range of other diseases. Students will learn how immunity is involved in various diseases, and using this knowledge will be able to explore strategies for prevention and treatment. In addition to an understanding of immunology concepts, this course will cover issues related to development of preventative and treatment modalities and industry regulations, which are important for clinical translation. (Elective Course)

Introduction to Medicine I

This course will cover human anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and pharmacology in the context of their importance medical practice and public health. (Optional Course)

Introduction to Medicine II

From the perspective of public health and medical professionals, this course will discuss various difficult circumstances encountered in the medical care setting and explore their solutions. (Optional Course)