The St. Luke’s Graduate School of Public Health (SLGSPH) currently does not offer a full online MPH curriculum; however, all courses that are scheduled during the day have an online e-learning version of the course. This is primarily to accommodate students who need flexibility in course scheduling to maintain their professional activities and/or employment. Students that are able to physically attend the course are encourage to do so, as class discussion and activities are expected to significantly enhance the educational experience.

e-learning Courses

The following courses offer an e-learning alternative:

e-learning Platform

St. Luke’s International University has an online learning system powered by manaba ® which allows students, with a simple login, to access recorded lectures, download course materials, upload completed assignments, and interact with instructors and peers.

e-learning Flow and Expectations

  1. Each week, after the scheduled class is over, the video lecture of the corresponding week will be posted onto the e-learning system “manaba”.
  2. Students are expected to view the lectures and complete the assignments in a timely manner according to the course schedule.
  3. Students taking e-learning courses will be required to complete a written assignment pertaining to each week's lecture as a substitute for class participation.
  4. Questions pertaining to the course content can be asked at any time through manaba.
  5. You may be instructed to come to school in person for course activities.