Division of Global Health Sciences

In the 21st century, globalization has been rapidly progressing even in the field of health. Infectious diseases outbreaks spread easily beyond borders due to global level rapid and mass movements, and health crisies are increasing due to natural disasters attributed to global environmental changes and the social and economic disparities are widening affected by political and economic turmoil. With these changes, the concept of global health has been shifting from the perspective that developed countries help developing countries to the perspective that all the countries and organizations should work together to protect and promote health of the people in the world hand in hand. Our division has been making efforts to nurture public health professionals with such perspective and conduct relevant research by experts who have sound experiences working for international organizations such as WHO and in the field.

Courses Offered by Division Faculty

Global Health

To obtain a basic understanding of the health situations and improvement goals (MDGs, etc.) in developing as well as developed countries around the world; international cooperation mechanisms (bi- and multilateral cooperation systems between countries); the implementing agencies (JICA, WHO, NGOs, etc.); and their respective issues and solutions. (Elective Course)

Global Infectious Diseases

To study the situation and issues involved in infectious diseases that threaten the health of people in the 21st century including: the so-called three major infectious diseases of AIDS/HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria; acute infectious agents of pandemic disease, such as influenza; and neglected tropical diseases such as filariasis. Surveillance, field epidemiology, and other methods are explored, as well as the role of the public health specialist in bioterrorism security and outbreak measures. (Elective Course)

Maternal and Child Health

This course will introduce concepts in maternal and child health and describe the situation in Japan and internationally. Through lectures and discussion, the course will attempt to cultivate a spirit of inquiry into maternal and child health issues and cover aspects related to public health research in this area. (Elective Course)