MPH Program Overview

The St. Luke’s Graduate School of Public Health (SLGSPH) offers a comprehensive program that culminates in the granting of the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. Several features of our program sets it apart from other public health programs in Japan.

  • A rigorous comprehensive curriculum that offers solid education in all the core disciplines in public health based on international standards.
  • English-based curriculum (lectures, assignments, and exams) lead by a diverse faculty originating from both Japan and abroad; majority of course materials will be available in both English and Japanese.
  • A schedule of classes and e-learning platform designed to accommodate students who wish to maintain their professional activities and employment during the day.
  • An international student body comprising a diversity of professionals from various sectors of healthcare and related fields.

Degree Requirements

The MPH degree will be granted after a minimum of 42 units are earned through successful completion of required and elective courses and the Master’s Capstone Project on a defined topic of choice that demonstrates mastery of relevant public health concepts as judged by a faculty committee (see MPH CURRICULUM). These requirements need to be completed within the selected program duration of the students’ enrollment.

*Note: A “Course” refers to one set of 15 week classes on a subject conducted over one semester. For example Biostatistics I is considered one course.

Program Length Options

Acknowledging the potential diversity of student backgrounds and circumstances, we offer opportunities to complete the MPH degree requirements in a one, two, or three-year program.

2-year MPH program -standard curriculum-

Recommended for most students. The standard 2-year MPH requires completion of at least 42 units over 2 academic years. The 2-year course also allows for time to complete an optional internship between academic years.

3-year MPH program -extended curriculum-

An extended 3 year course is available for students unable to complete 42 units in the standard 2-year period. The extended program may be appropriate for students with limited ability to take time off from professional obligations.

1-year MPH program -accelerated curriculum-

Eligibility for the 1-year MPH program is limited only to applicants with at least a master’s degree or equivalent in any of the health, medical, and welfare fields, and with at least 2 years of full-time professional work experience relevant to those fields. Application for the 1-year MPH program also requires a qualification screening.

  • Governmental agency(e.g. health and welfare, occupational safety, environmental health)
  • Public health insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Hospital and clinic (junior residency is acceptable)
  • Elderly care facility
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Healthcare-related industries
  • Environment-related industries
  • Other health and welfare association(NPO, NGO)
  • Environmental health or occupational safety divisions
  • Health policy related or hospital management think-tank

※Using the above as the basic criteria, final judgement of whether the two-year professional work experience requirement is fulfilled will take place during the interview.