Careers After Graduation

Career Path

The World Health Organization defines Public Health as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts of society” (Acheson, 1988, WHO). By definition, it is a highly multidisciplinary effort that requires public health expertise originating from numerous sectors of society, including but not limited to, the following: academics, governmental, medical care, healthcare financing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, counseling, and community organizations.
Gaining expertise in public health may qualify a person to pursue a profession in a broad range of settings. The following table provides examples of specific career paths that an MPH degree holder may be qualified to pursue.

Area of Practice Medical Institution Municipal・Governmental Institution Research Institute・Think-tank Firms・Businesses
Medical data management and analysis -Clinical research
-Medical information center
-National database analysis -Medical database management and analysis -Medical data analysis and consulting
Quality improvement and safety management/infectious disease control -Ql center -Infection control cente -Health policy -Medical quality evaluation research
-Infection control analysis
-Medical quality assessment and consulting
Health technology assessment -Ql center -Health economics policy and medical fee evaluation -Cost-effectiveness analysis
-Health economics strategy
-Health economics analysis and consulting
International cooperation and international health -International medical rescue team -International organization(i.e.WHO・JICA) -International health policy research -International cooperation and strategic support
Property right and law(legal affairs) -Hospital legal department(property right・ethics) -Research development promotion -Strategic property rights research -Medically-related property right and legal affair
Clinical trials and research -Clinical research support
-International clinical trial
-Clinical trial coordination
-Clinical research coordinator
-Research development promotion -Translational and clinical research
-Clinical research associate and coordinator
-Medical statistics analysis and consultation -Drug development venture
Information technology and artificial intelligence -Electronic data extraction and analysis
-Medical information and library
-Utilization of regional medical information
-Medical technology and efficacy promotion
-Remote medical service-Innovative support
-Innovative intelligence integration
-Medical information technology/Al development and planning
Health policy and management -Hospital management and efficacy
-Hospital environment
-Patient education
-Regional health policy
-Strategy for addressing population ageing and low birth rate
-Health policy research
-Preventive medicine research
-Health policy consulting
Environmental issues and management -Hospital environment management
-Pollution health center
-Environmental protection and management
-Pollution control
-Global warming research
-Environmental pollution research
-Healthy environment business consulting