2018 Entrance Ceremony Dean’s remarks


2018 Entrance Ceremony Dean’s remarks
ENDO Hiroyoshi

On behalf of the faculty and support staff of the Graduate School of Public Health, I would like to extend an official and cordial welcome to the second intake cohort of students.
It is my pleasure to use this opportunity to introduce our faculty to you.

You must be filled with excitement, anticipation and perhaps a bit of uncertainty.
At the entrance ceremony last April for the first intake cohort of students, I told them, “Let’s work together and try to make our school one of the best graduate schools of public health, not only in Japan but also in the world, so that we can pride ourselves on being alumni and faculty of St. Luke’s.”

Thanks to their efforts and contribution, we have been able to establish a secure foundation for the school. Now we count on your collaboration to build on this foundation as we continue our tradition of hard work and success.

Last but definitely not least, I wish to express my appreciation to our distinguished guests, families and friends of our students for your attendance here today.
I would particularly like to thank JICA for its scholarship and our benefactors of “the Public Health Education Promotion Funds” for generously contributing to the school’s funds. We will use these precious resources to promote the quality of our education under St. Luke’s motto, “The art of quality.”

Thank you