Symposium "Antimicrobial resistance and infection control in Asia"

St. Luke’s International University Graduate School of Public Health (SLGSPH) and National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) will hold a symposium regarding antimicrobial resistance and infection control as a part of the exchange program for infectious disease epidemiology researchers. We look forward to your participation.

Exchange Program for Infectious Disease Epidemiology Researchers Symposium
“Antimicrobial resistance and infection control in Asia”

Date & Time: August 1st, 5:30-7:00 pm (Reception will open at 5:15pm)
Venue: Teusler Hall, St. Luke’s International Hospital 2F
*No reservation is required.
*Admission Free.
*The lecture will be conducted in English.


5:30-5:50 “Healthcare associated in infection, a global issue”
Dr Norio Ohmagari
Director, Disease Control and Prevention Center
Director, International Healthcare Center
National Center for Global Health and Medicine Hospital
5:50-6:10 “Recent advances in the prevention and control of multidrug-resistant bacteria”
Ms. Fumie Sakamoto
Infection Control Manager, QI Center
St. Luke’s International Hospital
6:10-6:30 “Surveillance to bacterial infections with antimicrobial resistance”
Dr Motoyuki Sugai
Director, AMR Clinical Reference Center,
National Institute of Infectious Diseases
6:30-7:00 Discussion

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