For those who are considering enrollment in 2021


Usually, the open campus are conducted twice a year in spring and fall. However, spring open campus shcheduled on May 17 was postponed on the impact and spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. We are now carefully considering the schedule and the method for Open Campus in June or July.

Open Campus
Spring: TBA
Fall: October 18 (Sun), 2020

Entrance examinations are sheduled as follows at this point.

Entrance examinations (MPH/DrPH)
The 1st block: September 26 (Sat)-27 (Sun) 2020
The 2nd block: January 24 (Sun)-25 (Mon) 2021
The 3rd block: February 27 (Sat)

If you are considering enrollment in 2021, and have any questions or inquiries, please make a reservation for Application Consultation (an individual consultation) using the online conference system from the following page.

A staff member will contact you at a later date.

All those applying for the 1-year course in the first block in particular are subject to a prior qualification review (application period: June 22 - July 3). Please consult with us as early as possible.