Graduate School of Nursing Science

Chairperson's Greeting

HORIUCHI Shigeko, Chairperson, Graduate School of Nursing Science


The mark of true professional specialists is that they continue to learn and grow throughout their working lives.
This Graduate School of Nursing Science boasts a long history and many graduates who are now actively making continuous contributions as they work all over Japan as educators, researchers, nursing managers, nurse specialists, administrative officials, and many more. Our master’s courses include 21 master’s thesis courses and 15 advanced practicum courses. Some courses, including Midwifery, Public Nursing, and Advanced Clinical Nursing tracks can be taken over 3 years while continuing to work. Our Clinical Nurse Educator program is the only one available at a university in Japan, as is the JICA International Cooperation course in Midwifery and Maternal and Child Health. In the doctor’s courses, we nurture researchers and educators in the nursing field as well as advanced nurse practitioners. Our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) course is the first of its kind in Japan. Students can choose between a great variety of subjects in basic and specialized fields as part of their curriculum, and have many active learning opportunities. Our courses feature research guidance by multiple faculty members, practicums and training sessions led by clinical staff, and education on research ethics. Unique support by the university includes scholarships allowing every doctoral student to participate in research and make a presentation at an international conference once a year, as well as an Academic Writing Desk and email advice service to assist with the writing of English theses or papers for publication.
Alumni from this graduate school strengthen the professional networks in numerous specialized nursing fields.
You too can be part of this vibrant St. Luke’s community.

Chairperson, Graduate School of Nursing Science