University Information

President's Greeting

Tsuguya Fukui

Looking towards a future of nursing education that produces nursing and other medical human resources with strong leadership qualities, the name of this nursing university, with its rich history of superior graduates who have actively contributed on the global nursing stage, was changed to St. Luke's International University on April 1, 2014. This change marks a dramatic change since Dr. Teusler established St. Luke's Hospital and got involved in nursing education. This new relation between education and clinical practice leads us to a new stage.
At present we aim to develop the quality of education by implementing active learning and simulation-based training methods, promoting internationalization and establishing more departments and related graduate schools.
We will continue to enhance nursing education and research, including the education of other medical-related personnel to provide high-quality medical care and actively maximize medical services in practice.

FUKUI Tsuguya, President