Graduate School of Nursing Science

Doctor's Program

Doctoral Programs in Nursing Science

The purpose of the doctoral program is to promote a students' ability to become an independent nurse researcher. The student will acquire competence in advanced research methodology. The student will also possess broad academic knowledge as well as the professional knowledge and skills necessary to advance the discipline of nursing.

The doctoral program is composed of two major components: advanced nursing principles for nursing science and science of advanced nursing practice. The focus of the advanced nursing principles for nursing science is the study of theoretical paradigms and methodology basic to nursing science.

Courses and areas of specialization include Psychology in Nursing, Sociology in Nursing, Nursing Informatics, Nursing Statistics, Principles of Nursing Science, Biobehavioral Nursing, Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, Midwifery, Child Health Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Adult Health Nursing (Acute/Chronic), Gerontological Nursing, Women's Health, Oncology Nursing and Palliative Care, Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, Home Care Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Global Health Nursing.