Faculty activities and publications (July 2023)

Faculty activities

Monthly faculty activities and publications


2023/July: A joint research project between Dr. Emilie Matsumoto-Takahashi and Institut Pasteur du Laos was described in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of tropical medicine and infectious disease published monthly online.

Authors: Somphou Sayasone, Phonepadith Khattignavong, Sengdeuane Keomalaphet, Phoyphaylinh Prasayasith, Pheovaly Soundala, Sonesimmaly Sannikone, Takashi Kumagai. Souk Phomhaksa, Phouth Inthavong, Emilie Louise Akiko Matsumoto-Takahashi, Bouasy Hongvanthong, Paul T. Brey, Shigeyuki Kano, and Moritoshi Iwagami
Title: Low Prevalence of Schistosoma mekongi Infection and High Prevalence of Other Helminth Infections among Domestic Animals in Southern Lao People’s Democratic Republic

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