College of Nursing

Dean's Greeting

KAMEI Tomoko

What is nursing as a field of study? What does one have to study to be a good nurse?
Our school was founded on the vision of Dr. Teusler, a missionary physician sent to Japan by the American Episcopal Church in 1900, to reflect Christ’s love through medical care. The original nursing school came into being in 1920 as the cornerstone of nursing education in Japan and contributed greatly to improve the quality of nursing practice. Basic studies in the highly specialized field of nursing do not only involve learning the vast amount of necessary academic knowledge and mastering the various practical skills, but much more, it means to grow into a person who has true and deep interest in and empathy with the worlds inhabited by others, starting from every patient.
At the entrance of our school building, there is an inscription with the following words of Dr Hinohara, former President and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, “the art of knowledge, understanding and love.” May everyone aspiring to be a nurse grow into a beautiful piece of knowledgeable, understanding and loving art.

KAMEI Tomoko, Dean, College of Nursing