Graduate School of Nursing Science

Chairperson's Greeting

ASAHARA Kiyomi, Chairperson, Graduate School of Nursing Science


In 2020, St. Luke’s International University marked a century of nursing education. Since its humble start in 1920, a graduate school in nursing science was established in 1980 later becoming the first nursing university in Japan to offer a doctoral course in nursing in 1988.
In 2017, St. Luke’s was the first in Japan to incorporate a DNP course, and it presently accommodates the most graduate students of all nursing graduate schools across the country. St. Luke’s remains true to its mission and essence as it keeps on seeking to attain higher quality
nursing practice through its teaching methods, practical training and research activities based on innovative ideas. We believe that the finer points of the art of nursing are disseminated through discussions and meetings with faculty and other graduate students, often reinforced by
the constructive prevailing atmosphere, and that such experience shapes the foundation on which graduate students’ understanding is built. Students’ daily studies at St. Luke’s thus become an ultimate thrilling experience that prepares them to fulfill their role as useful members of society in the future.
The time of one’s student life is often also a period that includes repeated challenges of trial and error, and one is sure to meet with many discouraging incidents. However, crises provide an opportunity to grow, to find new ways of thinking and doing and - in the field of research - to new discoveries. The faculty all form part of a willing support team, ready to advise and collaborate as we all proceed together towards the eventual aim of a higher level of nursing practice and research.
Please take the first step towards the world of graduate knowledge generation and processing!

Graduate School of Nursing Science