Graduate School of Nursing Science

Chairperson's Greeting

YOSHIDA Toshiko, Chairperson, Graduate School of Nursing Science


Welcome to the Graduate School of Nursing Science. I'm Toshiko Yoshida, Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing Science.
On behalf of the faculty members and students, I sincerely welcome you all.

This Graduate School of Nursing Science, currently has the largest number of graduate students among nursing graduate schools in Japan.
I hope that during your time here with us, you enjoy interacting not only with your classmates, but also with student and faculty members from other fields.

When we ask our graduate students why they decided to seek further education, I hear different kinds of responses, like
・Wanting to relearn after hitting a wall in their careers,
・Wanting to solve their own career problems,
・Wanting to clarify questions and issues they encountered in clinical practice.
In all cases, they decided to continue their studies because they felt the desire and the need to continue learning as they build up their careers as nursing professionals.

Clinical practice is a treasure trove of questions and challenges. However, in order to gain new nursing knowledge, it is essential to follow appropriate research processes. Adhering to these processes will lead to the ability to develop and enhance evidence-based nursing practice.

Due to the rapid advancement of medical care and a super-aged society, health issues are becoming more complex. Furthermore, the place of medical care is changing, and multidisciplinary intervention has become indispensable to ensure the quality of medical care.

For effective multidisciplinary collaboration, it is important to be able to explain nursing care to patients and other healthcare professionals, and to present nursing care with clear rationale and outcomes. It is also necessary to develop new care based on changes in society.
It is my hope that with the knowledge you gain here with us, you will someday be able to give back to society.

There will be times in your student life when you will have to face difficulties. Thinking about what to do will surely lead to the deepening of your research. We, the faculty and staff will be supporting you so you will never feel like giving up and you will continue to make progress toward new knowledge.

YOSHIDA Toshiko,
Graduate School of Nursing Science