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Offices and Services

Offices and Services Location Office Hours Contact Information
Academic and Student Affairs Office 1F Main Building 9:00-17:30 sph@luke.ac.jp
Student Health Management Office 1F Main Building 9:00-17:30 -
Library 2F Main Building 0:00-24:00 library@luke.ac.jp
Support Unit for Conducting Clinically Essential Study (SUCCES) 5F CCA 9:00-17:30 sllsi@luke.ac.jp
Center for International Cooperation 1F Main Building 9:00-17:30 international@luke.ac.jp
Research Grants Office 4F Old Building 9:00-17:30 kenkyujimu@luke.ac.jp
Research Management 4F Old Building 8:30-17:00 kenkyukikaku@luke.ac.jp