DrPH Program Overview

Doctoral Program

The St. Luke’s International University Doctoral Program in Public Health was established in April 2019.
The Doctoral program will develop faculty who can support post-graduate level education in this field, and will train a new generation of public health workers with highly advanced research skills.
Graduates of the doctoral program will take the lead in scientific analysis and assessment of the myriad newly emerging challenges to public health globally, and will apply their research to public health policy and practice.
Through this doctoral program The Graduate School of Public Health, which has fostered high quality MPH graduates, will now develop experts within an integrated system of higher education.

Key concepts

  • Focus on epidemiology/biostatistics, teaching fundamental and important disciplines for evidence-based analytical skills in the broad field of medicine and healthcare.
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Practical training is mainly performed at St. Luke’s International Hospital, with its advanced facilities for research in clinical epidemiology and other clinical research fields. St. Luke’s International Hospital is a national leader in assessing and improving the quality of medical services and healthcare.

Program Length

3 years

Degree requirements

The requirements for the award of a degree are university attendance for at least 3 years, completion of a total of 36 course units and successfully passing the doctoral thesis.