Careers With An MPH

Career path for graduates

Career Path after Graduation, AY 2019

  • Returning to the same work 12  (Public Service 3, Clinical Settings 7, Phrmaceutical Company 2)
  • Changing of work place 7     (Public Service 3, Clinical Settings 3, Others 1)
  • Entering Doctoral Program 5   (St. Luke's Graduate School of Public Health DrPH Program)

Alumni Interview

Ms. Miyuki Uchiyama(Kanagawa, Japan)1-year Program, Class of 2017AY

Profession: Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, JAPAN /Physician(Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology)  

Ms. Miyuki Uchiyama

How was your days during MPH Program? 

Every time visiting St. Luke's campus, memories with my colleagues flashbacks and I feel one year was like a dream. In this place, by re-thinking people’s ties, it took me so far from just "patient-doctor" relationship in medical care. It was the first moment I really stand on my own feet. Dear students, please learn from the forefront of public health, get great inspirations, have courage (though it is difficult), and visit various places. The harvest will be unexpected interactions, true companions, and the important moments to make your dream come true. I hope that your heart and body will make a full turn and learning in the St. Luke’s GSPH will be a great treasure of life!

What has changed after attaining MPH degree?

Many wonderful encounters at St. Luke's GSPH provided an opportunity to become a medical officer. Currently working at International Affairs Division in MHLW, I really enjoy practicing public health in the real world. On top of the experiences in St. Luke’s GSPH, the world will expand without limits and borders, I believe.