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School Profile Data

Student Profiles in 2021 Academic Year

Working Students

Full time worker 82%
Full time student/Others  18%

Working Students Jobs

Others: Medical Device Company, Embassy Officer, Journalist, etc.


About 20% of the Students are from abroad 
Nationality: Bangladesh, France, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, USA, Vietnam

Career Path after Graduation, AY 2020

  1. Getting back to the same work(22)

    Clinical Settings(8)
    Pharmaceutical Company(7)
    Public Service(3)
    Research Institution(3)

  2. Changing a work place(6)

    Clinical Settings(1)
    Research Institution(2)
    Pharmaceutical Company(1)

  3. Entering Doctoral Program (Full time)(2)
  4. Others(3)(Job searching)

Post-Graduation Status Survey