Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1
    <MPH Program> What are the specifics of the entrance exam?

    Answer 1
    The entrance examination consists of two parts. The entire exam will be conducted in English.

    1. Reading and Writing (60 minutes)
    - read a short excerpt on a public health topic (600-800 words) and provide a summary and your thoughts on the topic
    - write a short essay on a topic that will be provided on the day, to assess your writing ability

    2. Interview (Approximately 30 minutes)
    -talk with interviewers about the topic related to the article mentioned above and
    your professional experiences, interests and motivation for applying to the SLGSPH
  • Question 2
    <MPH Program> What kind of preparation should I do for the entrance exam?

    Answer 2
    1. Reading and Writing
    We highly recommend applicants familiarize themselves with current public health issues and practices, and practice expressing their thoughts in short reports.

    2. Interview
    The applicants have as many opportunities as possible to practice English beforehand so that they can present their opinions with confidence. We will be sure to ask the applicant’s interest, their career plan, and how we can help them.
  • Question 3
    <MPH Program> Please describe the content of the curriculum, lecture syllabus and the time schedule.

    Answer 3
    1. Courses and Credits
    - You need to complete 42 credits for the degree over the period of the course
    - There are 10 required courses
    - Classes are usually 2 or 3 credits
    - One course usually has 15 classes of 135 minutes each.

    2. Class schedule
    Required classes, mostly on weekdays 3:05 – 5:20 pm (Online options are available)
    Elective courses, usually 6:00 – 8:15 pm.

  • Question 4
    <MPH Program> What is the difference between the two-year and three-year courses?

    Answer 4
    The two-year course is the standard course for the MPH program

    - Two-year course:
    Average 3-4 days attendance per week
    First semester of first year is particularly tough

    - Three-year course:
    1-2 days attendance per week
    Easier to balance course load over the full three years
  • Question 5
    <MPH Program> Is it possible to take the masters course while working full time?

    Answer 5
    We have designed the program for working adults
    - Weekday classes are from 15:05 to 20:15
    - Saturday classes are from 9:25 to 17:20
    - All required courses have on-demand option
    - Most elective courses have on-demand/live online mode
    We value work/life balance, and understand the needs of working professionals

  • Question 6
    <MPH Program> What is the required language skills?

    Answer 6
    You need to have good command of English!

    - The following scores are suggested as standard for taking courses
    in English: TOEFL (iBT) score of 80 or higher, TOEFL (PBT) score of 550 or higher,
    TOEIC score of 800 or higher, IELTS 6.0 or higher.

    -In the actual classes, you need to be able to understand lectures, read papers, and participate in discussions.
  • Question 7
    <MPH Program> Can I study and earn a degree remotely?

    Answer 7
    We offer online live classes using Zoom in almost all courses for students who live in distant locations or who are unable to attend classes at the university due to work commitments. Through the learning support system (manaba), students can also submit report assignments online, check grades, and exchange opinions with faculty and other students on the bulletin board.
    Using this system, students can smoothly study in our program.
    *Please note that sometimes students are required to attend classes in person, such as discussion classes.
  • Question 8
    <MPH Program> What kind of career paths have past graduates taken?

    Answer 8
    Our program has produced 141 graduates since 2017;
    About 20% of whom have used to their studies to change careers
    Approximately 59% are still working at the same place of employment
  • Question 9
    <MPH Program> Is it too late to think about my research theme while taking classes after entering the school?

    Answer 9
    You can develop your theme of study/research topic in consultation with a supervisor after entering to the school
    You do not need to have a supervisor or a topic prepared before you enter the school
    Supervisors are assigned at the beginning of final year
    Supervisor assignments are based on students’ choices
  • Question 10
    <PhD Program> What are the specifics of the entrance exam?

    Answer 10
    The entrance examination consists of two parts.

    1. Written Examination
    - General public health section
    A short excerpt from a public health-related article
    Specific comprehension questions about this article

    - Discipline-specific questions
    You select the area of studies from: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Behavioral Health, Environmental Health.
    The exam has specific questions on this single topic, equivalent to a good masters-level knowledge of the topic

    The whole written exam is 90 minutes, with no specific time for each section

    2. Interview including discussion of research field (Approximately 30 minutes)
    - describe previous research experience, explain the doctoral research proposal, discuss future plans, personal motivation, and explain the reasons for studying at the SLGSPH

  • Question 11
    <PhD Program> What are the completion requirements for the PhD program?

    Answer 11
    There are three requirements for graduation:
    - attending school for the standard number of years (Three years)
    - completing the required minimum number of credits of coursework (21 credits)
    - submitting a dissertation that is of scientific publication quality, and is approved by a panel of academics

    In principle, some part of your dissertation material needs to be submitted or accepted for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal

  • Question 12
    <PhD Program> Do I need to meet with a faculty member who will supervise me before I apply?

    Answer 12
    There is no need for a prior meeting with the supervising professor.
    Students are required to submit a request for a supervisor in the first year after consultation with their faculty mentor, after which the supervisor is assigned.

    Remark: After enrollment, each student is assigned a faculty mentor, who is responsible for consultation on the curriculum and student life.