The 4th capstone project final presentation was held on 23 January 2021

The 4th capstone project final presentation was successfully held on January 23, 2021 (Saturday; 9:00-13:10). Due to the risks of the COVID-19 spread, in this year the capstone presentation was delivered online via Zoom platform. Three parallel Zoom sessions were organized on the day and 33 capstone students (including ten 3-year students, twenty 2-year students and three 1-year students) presented their projects during the event. In total, the event attracted 114 participants including external evaluators, current SPH students, SPH alumni and nursing school students.

Employing essential public health knowledge and methodologies, our MPH capstone students demonstrated proficiency in their area of interest and presented their study outcomes in accord with expected professional standards. Capstone study designs included primary studies, secondary data analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and systematic reviews. After the presentations, a new cohort of capstone students gathered with our faculty at the capstone orientation session to make plans for the new capstone projects.