Career Support Seminar for the Graduate School of Public Health, "Work of Tokyo Metropolitan Public Health Physicians" on January 19

A Career Support Seminar hosted by the Graduate School of Public Health was held online. This is the third time the career support seminar held by GSPH. The lecturer was Dr. Michiko Nagamine, Director General of Bunkyo Public Health Center, Bunkyo Ward, who talked about how she came to be a Tokyo Metropolitan Public Health Physician, the actual work of a public health physician, and the challenges and difficulties that differ from clinical work, using actual examples. She also introduced the latest trends and countermeasures for COVID-19 in Tokyo and also discussed tuberculosis, which has been on the increase in recent years.
The seminar was attended not only by current and graduate students of the Graduate School of Public Health, but also by many physicians and nurses working at St. Luke's International Hospital, who asked questions about work-life balance and comparisons with the role of medical officer at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.