The Open Seminar was held on May 21, Sunday

Open seminar was held under the theme of Pioneer of Public Health from St. Luke’s to the world. In part I, a symposium, we presented the history of public health at St. Luke's and in Japan, and why St. Luke's has now established the Graduate School of Public Health to educate professionals to serve the world from the perspectives of history, education, and career development.
In part II, students in each program took the stage and gave presentations on why they decided to study at St. Luke's, their student life, and their research topics. Following curriculum overviews of each program, a session was held to answer frequently asked questions to help clarify any questions or concerns that prospective students may have.
Finally, individual consultations were held for those who attended in-person.
Thank you very much for your participation.

The recordings of the event are now available for a limited time, so please visit this web page as well.

◇ Program
Part I Symposium

Lecture1. St. Luke's International University/St. Luke's International Hospital and the History of Public Health in Japan
Sachiko Ohde (Professor, St. Luke’s Graduate School of Public Health)

Lecture2. Exploring Solutions to Public Health Issues by Systems Thinking
Nobuo Nishi (Dean, St. Luke’s Graduate School of Public Health)

Lecture 3. Taking advantage of St. Luke's MPH in your career
Kohei Onozaki (Professor, St. Luke’s Graduate School of Public Health)

Q&A Session.

Part II Introduction to the school

Curriculum Overview for MPH/PhD programs
Faculty Introduction
Students’ Presentation/Alumni Message (video recording)
Frequently Asked Questions

Individual consultation (for on-site attendees only)