Monthly student and faculty activities and publications (July 2019)


Monthly faculty activities and publications

Grants received

Dr. Stuart Gilmour received one grant.

Japan Support Center for Suicide Countermeasures. Innovative Suicide Research Progress Program. A comparative assessment of international suicide prevention counter-measures. 1,950,000 yen. Period: one year. Principal Investigator.

Peer-reviewed publications

Dr. Naoki Ikegami had a peer-reviewed publication in an international journal in June.

Ikegami N. Financing long-term care: lessons from Japan. International Journal of Health Policy and Management. Online First.

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Dr. Sachiko Ohde had a peer-reviewed publication in an international journal in June.

Harada T. Ohde S, et al. Development of Quality Indicator for Medical Social Workers at acute hospitals. Journal of Health and Welfare Statistics. 66(5),34-41.

Conference presentations

Dr. Mahabubur Rahman

Suzuki M, Matsuo T, Mahbubur R, Mori N. Appropriate empirical therapy for community-acquired pyelonephritis in women: 2nd or 3rd generation cephalosporin. 29 th meeting of The European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID). Amsterdam, Netherlands, 13-15 April, 2019

Dr. Stuart Gilmour

Gilmour S, Peng L, Li J, Hoshino H, Endo T, Minami R, Yotsumoto M, Tanuma J, Oka S. A mathematical model of HIV prevention strategies in Japanese MSM. 4th Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections conference. Hong Kong, 27-29 June 2019.

Media coverage

Dr. Eri Hoshino's article was published in Mainichi Newspapers