Prof. Stuart Gilmour has had a letter published in the Lancet.

Faculty activities

Prof Stuart Gilmour, faculty of GSPH, has had a letter published in the international medical journal the Lancet. This letter advocates for including health information systems, and improvements in supply chain governance, in development projects that aim to improve access to diagnostic equipment in low- and middle-income countries. The letter is a response to the Lancet Commission on Diagnostics, which did not include these two important points in its recommendations.

This letter was written in collaboration with colleagues from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the National Centre for Child Health and Development. By sparking debate about the importance of improving health information systems, and ensuring supply-chain governance, we hope that we can contribute to improvements in basic health services in low- and middle-income countries.

Title: Expanding diagnostics for LMICs
Author: Stuart Gilmour, Yuying Lai, Phuong Mai Le, Olukunmi Omobolanle Balogun
Published: April 23, 2022DOI: