Faculty activities and publications (Febrary 2024)

Faculty activities

Monthly faculty activities and publications


2024/February Professor Nobuo Nishi’s paper was published in Preventive Medicine Reports.

Nishi N, Kitaoka K, Tran Ngoc Hoang P, Okami Y, Kondo K, Sata M, Kadota A, Nakamura M, Yoshita K, Okamura T, Ojima T, Miura K. Mortality from major causes and lifestyles by proportions of public assistance recipients among 47 prefectures in Japan: Ecological panel data analysis from 1999 to 2016. Prev Med Rep. 2024 Feb 1;39:102635. doi: 10.1016/j.pmedr.2024.102635. PMID: 38348218; PMCID: PMC10859267.


2024/February Professor Nobuo Nishi’s paper has been co-published in the Foods.

Yamaguchi M, Araki M, Hamada K, Nojiri T, Nishi N. Development of a Machine Learning Model for Classifying Cooking Recipes According to Dietary Styles. Foods. 2024; 13(5):667.



2024/February Professor Nobuo Nishi gave a plenary lecture at the SDGs symposium 2024.

Conference: SDGs Symposium 2024
Presentation type: Plenary
Date: Feb 27, 2024
Title: Systems thinking approach for challenges of healthy and sustainable diets
Authors: Nishi N


2024/February Dr. Kazunari Ohnishi, associate professor served as a chairperson and presenter at the following conference.

Conference:The 34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japan Epidemiological Association (Shiga)
Title:Symposium 2 Progress and future issues of international joint epidemiological studies
Chair: Kaznari Onishi, Kokoro Shirai


Presentation type:Poster Presentation
Research title: Effects of exposure to Asian dust on headache
Authors: Kazunari Onishi, Masanori Nojima, Hiroaki Terasaki, Yasunori Kurosaki