Student activities and publications (Febrary 2024)

Student activities

Monthly student activities and publications


Mr. Masaya Morimoto, a MPH program graduate, has published his master’s capstone project under the supervision Professor Sachiko Ohde in Hematology Reports.

Morimoto, M., Yokoya, Y., Yoshida, K., Kosako, H., Hori, Y., Mushino, T., Tamura, S., Ito, R., Koyamada, R., Yamashita, T., Mori, S., Mori, N., & Ohde, S. (2024). Predictive Model for Occurrence of Febrile Neutropenia after Chemotherapy in Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: A Multicenter, Retrospective, Observational Study. Hematology reports, 16(1), 76–88.