The Open Campus was held online on October 17, Sunday

We invited Dr. Donna Petersen from the University of South Florida, Dr. Shunsuke Mabuchi, the only Asian member of the WHO COVID-19 independent panel, and Dr. Kaoruko Tachibana, who has been working at the forefront of health policy and health economics at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and WHO, as guest speakers for the symposium. The symposium featured the following topics: how U.S. universities are responding to COVID-19; the concept of One Health (coexistence and co-prosperity of the environment, animals, and humans), which is essential for the realization of a healthy society; recommendations from the WHO COVID-19 Independent Verification Panel to "make COVID-19 last pandemic"; the keys for Japanese people to be active in the field of global health/international cooperation, what is necessary for the coexistence of public interest and profit from the perspective of health care policy and health care economy, and that the greatest self-investment is to keep learning in order to sustain one's career.

In addition to public health, there were ideas that can be applied to a wide range of fields and hints for career development.

For those who were unable to attend, or would like to see it again, we are releasing some of the content available until the end of December. Please take a look.

Part I
Keynote: Donna Petersen The role of public health professionals in creating a sustainable society: One University's Response to a Global Pandemic
Lecture 1: Kazunari Onishi Sustainable global environment and health- from the perspective of One Health
Lecture 2: Shunsuke Mabuchi How to apply the lessons learned from COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities from the perspective of global health
Lecture 3: Kaoruko Tachibana: Public Health Driven Partnerships for Sustainable Health System Development
Panel Discussion: Moderator: Sachiko Ohde

Part II
Lecture 4: Kohei Onozaki: Sustainable Public, Sustainable Career
Introduction to the Graduate School: Professional Degree Program
Introduction to the Graduate School: Doctoral Program
Faculty Introduction