Career Support Seminar, "Work of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Medical Officer" was held on March 1

On March 1, we invited Dr. Satoshi Maruyama, who is in charge of recruiting medical officers at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, to give a career support seminar. This was the second time the seminar was held after last year. Dr. Maruyama opened the seminar by explaining that the job of a medical officer is to bridge the gap between the field and the government. He then talked about the specific job description and frequently asked questions (working style, personnel exchange, and when the best time to become a medical officer is). In the second half of the lecture, Dr. Maruyama talked about why he switched from a clinical career to a policy career as a medical officer, what kind of policies he was involved in, and the difficulties he faced during his career transition.
Dr. Aoi Fujikawa, a graduate of the class of 2021 who is currently working as a medical officer, also attended the seminar and used easy-to-understand slides to explain the reform of the way doctors work that she is currently in charge of. She gave a realistic account of her current work, including how medical officers drive policies, the types of people they interact with, and the types of innovations they make.
In addition to GSPH students, physicians and other medical professionals from St. Luke's International Hospital attended the event, demonstrating a high level of interest in the work of healthcare policy. Thank you for your participation.