The Open Campus was held on June 2, Sunday

On Sunday, June 2, we held an open campus event in a hybrid format (on-site and online).
The part 1 of the event was a symposium on "Public health endeavors for planetary health - what public health can do for the health of the planet". In the 21st century, the Earth faces a range of problems such as climate change, natural disasters, and emerging infectious diseases that threaten the stability of the entire planet. The health of the earth is the health of the entire planet and the ecosystems that support human health, and thinking about the health of the earth means thinking about the health of the human beings and societies. At this symposium, we introduced examples of how public health is an interdisciplinary field that is involved in various fields of society, and we considered from each perspective what contribution public health can make to the health of the planet.

The part 2 of the event was a session introducing the school curriculum and answering questions frequently asked by prospective applicants, followed by presentations by current students. The students gave presentations on how they are working to solve global medical and health problems that they are tackling through their work, research, and internships, as well as their future prospects. A video message from the graduating students, filmed on the day of their graduation ceremony in March of this year, was also presented.
After the part II of the event, individual consultations and a mini campus tour were held for those who attended the event onsite. Thank you very much for your participation.

Part 1: Symposium Public health endeavors for planetary health

Public health endeavors for planetary health
Dr. Haruka Sakamoto, Visiting associate professor, Division of interdisciplinary sciences

One Health and Climate Chang,
Dr. Kazunari Onishi, Associate professor, Division of environmental health

Universe and parasitic infectious disease
Dr. Emilie Takahashi, Junior associate professor, Division of global health sciences 

Panel discussion
Facilitator: Dr. Junko Yasuoka, Professor, Division of global health sciences

Part 2: Introduction to the School 
Onsite/Online Program, Curriculum overview (MPH&PhD)
Student profile/Admission/FAQ
Student’s presentations, Graduate’s message
Faculty introduction

Onsite Program
Meet the faculty, Meet the students
Admissions and scholarships, Mini campus tour

Dr. Haruka Sakamoto

Dr. Kazunari Ohnishi

Dr. Emilie Takahashi