Faculty and Student Activities and Publications(2021 November)

Student and Faculty Activities

Student Activities


2021/November Ms. LeeAnn Tan, A graduate student of the MPH Program published her Capstone Project in Environment International.

Title: Association between exposure to air pollution and late-life neurodegenerative disorders: An umbrella review
Authors: LeeAnn Tan Erika Nakanishi, Mihye Lee
Journal: Environment International
Published: January 2022

2021/ November DrPH student The-Phuong Nguyen, a doctoral student conducted a study on predicting the possible trajectory of COVID-19’s Delta variant in Vietnam and published in the Journal of Global Health. The results suggest that the existing public health measures implemented in Ho Chi Minh City were effective but insufficient for controlling the current COVID-19 outbreak. Given the resource constraints faced by the low-to-middle-income country, the study recommends a multifaceted intervention consisting of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical strategies. This study was conceived and developed while Phuong was enrolled in the FY2021 DrPH course Infectious Disease Modeling, under the supervision of Dr. Zoie Wong.

Research title: Rapid impact assessments of COVID-19 control measures against the Delta variant and short-term projections of new confirmed cases in Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen P. T., Wong Z. S. Y., Wang L., Thanh T. T., Nguyen H. V., Gilmour S. (2021).
Journal: Journal of Global Health, issue 1.
Published:November 6, 2021

2021/October Ms. Bibha Dhugel, a doctoral student has published her project in the SSM-Population Health.

Title: Association of child's disability status with father's health outcomes in Japan
Authors: Bibha Dhungel, Kato Tsuguhiko, Manami Ochi, Stuart Gilmour, Yuko Kachi, Kenji Takehara
Journal: SSM-Population Health
Published: 23rd October 2021

2021/October Ms. Bibha Dhungel, a doctoral student has published her project in the Journal of Epidemiology.

Title: Prevalence of and associated factors for psychological distress among single fathers in Japan
Authors: Bibha Dhungel, Kato Tsuguhiko, Yuko Kachi, Manami Ochi, Stuart Gilmour, Kenji Takehara
Journal: Journal of Epidemiology
Published: 23rd October 2021

Faculty Activities


2021/September Junior associate professor Katharina da Silva Lopes published an overview review of systematic reviews to summarize the evidence regarding the benefits or harms of nutrition-specific interventions for preventing and controlling anaemia in anaemic or non-anaemic, apparently healthy populations throughout the life cycle.

Research Title: Nutrition-specific interventions for preventing and controlling anaemia throughout the life cycle: an overview of systematic reviews.
Authors: da Silva Lopes K, Yamaji N, Rahman MO, Suto M, Takemoto Y, Garcia-Casal MN, Ota E.
Journal: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2021, Issue 9. Art. No.: CD013092. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD013092.pub2
Published: 26 September, 2021

2021/November Associate professor Kazunari Onishi’s article was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, Diagnosis and Treatment, Vol. 109, No. 11.

Title: Infection Control in Medical Institutions - Operation of Personal Protective Equipment Masks
Author: Kazunari Onishi
Journal: Diagnosis and Treatment 2021 Vol. 109 No. 11 2021-11-05 (Diagnosis and Therapist, Inc.)
Published: November 5, 2021

2021/November Associate professor, Zoie Wong’s research team has developed the “Japan LIVE Dashboard” ( to provide the public with crucial COVID-19 information. The dashboard has been visited 30 million times and was recently awarded the “Best COVID-19 Paper Award” by the European Conference for Context Sensitive Health Informatics 2021. Furthermore, in collaboration with emeritus professor Michael Rigby from Keele University, Dr. Wong investigated the risks associated with digital health applications that have been rapidly scaled up in response to COVID-19. The study, published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics, provided new insights for the evaluation of next-generation informatics. This publication also serves as one of the 2021 achievements of the Technical Assessment and Quality Development in Health Informatics working group, part of the International Medical Informatics Association.

Research title: Identifying and addressing digital health risks associated with emergency pandemic response: Problem identification, scoping review, and directions toward evidence-based evaluation.
Authors: Wong ZSY and Rigby M.
Journal: International Journal of Medical Informatics (2022) Vol 157.

(The above URL provides 50 days' free access to the paper.)


Faculty name Zoie SY Wong
Conference: Context Sensitive Health Informatics 2021 – The Role of Informatics in Global Pandemics
Presentation type: Paper
Date: 15-16th November 2021
Research title: “Japan LIVE Dashboard” For COVID-19: a scalable solution to monitor real-time and regional-level epidemic case data
Authors : Wei Su, Wei Fu, Kojuro Kato and Zoie S Y Wong


Faculty name: Zoie SY Wong
Name of Award: The Best COVID-19 Paper Award