2025 Admissions Schedule and Guides


2025 Admissions Schedule and Admission Guides Released

2025 Admission Guides for MPH and Doctoral Programs are now available.
Please visit the following pages for details.

Individual Consulation Opportunities

If you are considering study in our programs, and have any questions or inquiries, please make a reservation for Application Consultation (an individual consultation).

The in-person or online "Application Consultation" sessions are available for those who are interested in St. Luke's Graduate School of Public Health.
A prospective student can choose either type of the following two types of the session.

1. Meet the Faculty --- One of our faculty meets you to discuss your study/research interests in the program, career plan after graduation, and so on.
2. Administrative Inquiries --- An administrative staff explains about application procedures, scholarship grants, and other administrative concerns.
* A consultation time is around 30 minutes per session.

Please send a request form below, and the faculty or staff in charge will contanct you to decide the meeting date and time.
If you have a specific date in mind, please make an application well in advance.

> Reservation Form