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Child Health Nursing

In the Child Nursing department, all academic and practical educational and research activities cover the entire field of Child Nursing, based on a thorough knowledge of, and the theories behind, child growth/development and living conditions from the viewpoint of the entity of healthy children, and children’s rights and selfcare. The master’s program is focused on a student’s field or subject of interest. Studies targeting children and their families are conducted in the best interest of the child. Experience obtained through such studies is also intended to be useful for students’ future educational and practical activities after graduation. Practicums under the supervision of a specialist child nurse as well as joint research with specialist child nurses are also performed. In the doctoral program, students’ themes of study from the master’s course are applied more widely from the viewpoint of society and the community, and students are nurtured to become human resources who can make a contribution to the development of Child Nursing as a field.
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Faculty introduction

KOBAYASHI Kyouko Faculty Database
  • PositionProfessor
  • Research AreasChild Health Nursing
  • PositionAssociate Professor
  • Research AreasChild Health Nursing
SAWAGUCHI, Megumi Faculty Database
  • PositionAssitant Professor
  • Research AreasChild Health Nursing