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Home Care Nursing

 In the field of Home Care Nursing, the aim of education and research is to anticipate changes in society and develop appropriate nursing practices to enrich people’s health.
Home Care Nursing does not end by visiting patients at home, but embraces patient and family support on discharge from the hospital as well as the building of a care network system in the community. It’s overall concern is the role of nursing and nursing care in town and regional development. The natural course of life is for people to live in their own homes, but when this natural course is upset by sickness or disability, the Home Care Nurse becomes involved to help coordinate the various ideas about living conditions of the concerned parties to maintain a lifestyle as close as possible to the original.
 All faculty responsible for Home Care Nursing are qualified specialists in Community Nursing and Home Care Nursing, and have ample nursing experience, also in home care nursing. At St. Luke’s we teach students the ability to assess the issues involved in Home Care Nursing from its various aspects including the patient in need of home care, his/her family situation, the organization of an appropriate care team, utilization of the available sources of community medical and nursing care, as well as the institutional background.

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