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Global Health Nursing

The Global Health Nursing in St. Luke’s International University engages in teaching and research to develop and strengthen technical and leadership skills of students and staff. the department attracts both Japanese and foreign students creating a multicultural environment where students can learn about different contexts. In the department of Global Health Nursing, students learn hands on about global health issues though lectures, seminars and student presentations. We also conduct evidence based research and activities as health care professionals in order to maintain and improve the health of people around the world. Our curriculum includes study of current issues such as the new sustainable development goals and targets in the United Nations; maternal and child health; infectious diseases; non-communicable diseases; universal health coverage; and environmental problems. Through overseas fieldwork and internship, we refine our research capabilities and leadership skills to contribute to global health issues. The department contributes to educating global health leaders who are active in international institutions such as WHO, government agencies, NGOs, JICA, academia etc.

Faculty introduction

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  • Research AreasGlobal Health Nursing
NAGAMATSU, Yasuko Faculty Database
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  • Research AreasGlobal Health Nursing