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Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics is focused on health promotion, health literacy (the ability of patients to decide about their own health), health communications, decision-making support, and positive coping, including the creation of a supporting network, the role of the community, and the necessary social capital.
Social surveys of the respective views and experiences of the general public, patients and medical care workers on whether care-related decision-making is actually based on information, and if not, where the problem lies, are conducted to find out what support is really needed. Research into Nursing Informatics involves appropriate care-related information, and its understanding, assessment, and application (up to actual decision-making or some action).

Faculty introduction

NAKAYAMA, Kazuhiro Faculty Database
  • PositionProfessor
  • Research AreasHealth Sociology & Health Informatics
  • PositionAssistant Professor
  • Research AreasHealth Sociology & Health Informatics