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Nursing Education

Nursing Education is intended to provide practicing nurses with an education-oriented mindset and the necessary skills to training professional nurses. In addition to the research tracks, a Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) course was started in 2014. Thus educators with superior research skills as well as those with superior practical skills are fostered. Their cooperation is essential for the future of nursing education, and will strengthen nursing research rooted in practice, to achieve greater clinical wisdom and innovation.
The master’s program probes the basic functions of nursing. International systems for educating public health nurse, midwives and nurses are compared and problematic issues are discussed to propose solutions. The university curriculum for nursing education is studied in detail, and students have obtain the necessary skills to prepare a syllabus, plan and manage lecture programs, evaluate tuition and training. The doctoral program is geared to identify problems facing nursing education and to search for solutions.

Faculty introduction

MATSUTANI, Miwako Faculty Database
  • PositionDean, Professor
  • Research AreasFundamental nursing / Clinical nursing
  • PositionAssociate Professor
  • Research AreasFundamental nursing / Clinical nursing
  • PositionAssistent Professor
  • Research AreasFundamental nursing